Boccaccio Describes the Black Death Florence – 1348

I had not planned to include the Preamble to the Decameron, because it is so well known, but three friends on three different continents wanted it, so here it is: Here begins the First Day of the Decameron, in which, when the author has explained how the characters, who will appear later, met together forContinue reading “Boccaccio Describes the Black Death Florence – 1348”

Cambridge and the Plague

A friend kindly reminded me that his college, Trinity Hall (1350), as well as Gonville Hall (1348), Corpus Christi (1352) and Clare Hall (1359), were founded in a large part to remedy the terrible lack of clergy, nearly half of whom had died in the Black Death. Although I could not find a first personContinue reading “Cambridge and the Plague”