Litany to St Roch – Protector against Plagues

St Roch – San Roque or San Rocco – was born in Montpellier in the 14th century. Devout from childhood, on his parents’ death, he gave his inheritance to the poor and set out for Rome. This was at a time when Italy was in the grip of a plague. At Cesena, Rimini and elsewhereContinue reading “Litany to St Roch – Protector against Plagues”

A Litany in Time of Plague – Thomas Nashe 1592

Adieu, farewell, earth’s bliss; This world uncertain is; Fond are life’s lustful joys; Death proves them all but toys; None from his darts can fly; I am sick, I must die.     Lord, have mercy on us! ***** Rich men, trust not in wealth, Gold cannot buy you health; Physic himself must fade. All thingsContinue reading “A Litany in Time of Plague – Thomas Nashe 1592”