Japan – Smallpox – 735-7 A.D. and after

tsuyu no yo watsuyu no yo nagarasari nagara This world of dewis truly a world of dew,and yet…and yet…. This poem was written by Issa, one of the greatest of the haiku poets, on the death of his little daughter. Issa’s life was a long series of tragedies, rarely referred to directly in his poetry.Continue reading “Japan – Smallpox – 735-7 A.D. and after”

Meditations in Time of Plague – Marcus Aurelius – c.161-180

The Meditations – literally “Things to One’s Self” – of the Emperor, Marcus Aurelius, is one of the best known and best loved works of philosophy. Teaching American students European history and culture in the early 2000s, it was almost invariably the text they picked out as being the most interesting and “relevant”. Marcus AureliusContinue reading “Meditations in Time of Plague – Marcus Aurelius – c.161-180”